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If you are looking for the most secure place to dump your purchased crypto assets, there is nothing can be better than Trezor Wallet. It is a hardware wallet and can be considered an ultimate choice in terms of security as hardware wallets are always safer than software wallets. It has a Trezor Suite app so that you can manage your funds and security online. And, on the other hand, Trezor Wallet devices are secured with secret recovery phrases as well. Sometimes, people experience the issue that the dumped assets are showing in the Trezor Suite app. So, in this read, we will understand, why you are facing this issue and what you can do to resolve them. Let’s usher in. Potential causes:  This probably happens if you have provided an incorrect recovery seed which is a 12-24 word phrase that varies according to your device model.  Providing an incorrect passphrase to access the hidden Trezor wallet.  If your funds are dumped in the hidden wallet and you are looking for them in standard wallet.  Your Trezor wallet Suite settings are enabled. What you can do to resolve such issues? Well! If you know the actual cause, you can tackle the issue. So, try to figure out what obstacle is coming in your way. Here are a few actions listed that you can take to know the actual cause.  Check recovery phrase: In order to know that you are inputting the correct seed phrase, you need to do a test run. You can do this by navigating the Trezor Suite desktop app. From there you can go to “Settings” and proceed for a dry-run of the recovery phrase. The complete step-by- step guide is mentioned on the Trezor website. If your test dry-run got succeeded, your seed phrase is correct. Else, it is wrong, you need to jot down the correct one.  Check Passphrase:

It is an advanced security feature to protect your device if it has been stolen. There is no “Incorrect Passphrase” thing as when you access your wallet, you will be asked to provide your passphrase. And, when you enter it for the first time, you create a new wallet and that wallet is only accessible by the same passphrase. But, if you enter a wrong passphrase ever, it will create another new wallet without showing you that it is incorrect. So, whenever you enter your passphrase, make sure to type it precisely after checking the “Show Passphrase” option. Bottom Line! These are majorly used methods to resolve the issue as most probably this issue occurred only in the wrong seed phrase or wrong passphrase case. If you are unable to resolve the issue after this, you can get assistance from the Trezor Wallet support team.

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